Good deal hunting, part 2: Looking at property amidst an abundance of discounts

In the final part of a 2-part series, Bernard Tong, managing director of The Edge Property, assesses the advantages of buying condos that are selling closer to cost.

SINGAPORE: I spent some off recently at Surin beach in Phuket, basking under the sweltering sun. At times, the heat became unbearable. Beach peddlers were selling chilled coconut, the perfect drink to quench my thirst – if not for the S$5 asking price. Continue reading

Good deal hunting: The search for genuine property bargains

In the first of a two-part series, Bernard Tong from The Edge Property look at ways to determine if a particular home is a good buy, especially when discounts are offered. 

SINGAPORE: We can all fondly recall that one euphoric moment when we discovered a great bargain and took advantage of it, whether it was for a 50-inch TV at a promo price of S$399 or that pair of sneakers you always wanted at half the original amount. Continue reading

6 factors to consider before buying an executive condo in Singapore

Every now and then, I get Singaporeans I barely know asking me whether I grew up in private housing or an HDB flat. (By the way, it’s rude.) It’s clear that Singaporeans are still extremely status-conscious when it comes to the public-private housing divide.

Despite all that talk about the 5 Cs no longer being important, in actual fact the only C that’s died is the country club. Everything else is still very much alive in the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. Continue reading