JTC to launch sale of 6 industrial sites in second-half 2018, put 7 sites on reserve list

SINGAPORE – Six industrial sites will be launched under the confirmed list of the Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) Programme by government agency JTC for the second half of this year.

Another seven sites will be made available for application under the reserve list, said the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) on Tuesday (June 26).

All in, the land area of these 13 sites, which are zoned for Business-2 use, add up to 12.59 hectares.

Business-2 sites may be used for clean industry, light industry, general industry, warehouse, public utilities and telecommunication uses and other public installations. Special industries such as the manufacture of industrial machinery, shipbuilding and repairing, may be allowed in selected areas subject to evaluation by the competent authority.

All six sites on the confirmed list, which total 4.09 hectares, have a land tenure of 20 years each and a gross plot ratio (GPR) of 1.4 or 2.5. Four sites on the reserve list have a land tenure of 30 years each and a gross plot ratio of 2.5.

Sites on the reserve list are triggered for sale when an interested party submits an application with a minimum purchase price that is acceptable to the government, or if more than one unrelated party submit minimum purchase prices that are close to the government’s reserve price for the site within a reasonable period.