NYON Condo At Amber Road

Nyon Condo


Nyon, freehold residential plot is located just beside Amber road, located only a minutes walk from the future upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT Station. JLL has been appointed to market the property to potential developers and Nyon currently is surrounded from all sides with high-rise buildings. On the Amber Road, Nyon is one of the last remaining plots that have not yet been developed. The Tanjong Katong MRT Station nearby will be a part of the new Thomson-East Coast Line, a projected due to be completed till 2023. The area where the plot lies, had a Master Plan passed in 2014, that deemed this property as Residential with a gross plot ratio of 2.8. The director at JLL, Ms. Yong believes that the high rise will have somewhere between 24 to 26 storeys. That means, that with the 22,800 sq ft of covered area that the freehold residential plot has, it will have a gross floor area of somewhere around 63,000 sq ft.

According to Ms. Yong, the expected price that the vendors are putting on this prime piece of residential land stands between $56.6 million to around $61 million. When approximate the land price, it divides up to about $1,199 psf ppr to about $1,268 psf ppr. Once the project undergoes proper approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, any developer that buys this piece of land will probably make up to 80-84 apartments with the average apartment size being 70 sq metres. The prime piece of land also has a sea view on one side, so some apartments could potentially sell for a much higher view due to having the luxury of a sea view opening in their terraces and balconies. It believe that the asking price of the land, combined with the investment and development charges on it, will be well below $100 million. That is actually a really good price to attract small and medium sized developers, and she expects interests and bids from local and foreign developers altogether.

About the Developer

The piece of land has been bought by the property developer Aurum Land. The Singaporean-based developer plans to build the “Nyon” on this freehold residential property. Aurum first came into being in the year 1982. Since then, they have been an award-winning boutique property developer who have always built exclusive and luxurious condos and units. The team that works behind the scenes in Aurum bring with them 80 years of pure development skills that always show on their final projects.

Nyon at Amber Road

Amber Road is the road that basically connects the junction of the Haig Road and Mountbatten Road to the Tanjong Kantong Road. Even though the accounts vary in most cases, it is reported that the Amber Road got its name from the family of Joseph Aaron Elias, a successful and famous businessman that lived in the area in the early 20th century. Another possible derivation of the name Amber comes from Kampong Amber, a Malay village that existed in the area near the East Coast. In the 40s and the 50s, the village was host to Chinese, Indians and Malays who lived together with harmony and peace.

A famous landmark for Amber Road was the luxurious residence of the Elias family. It was built in the early 1900s right next to sea, and was named “The Big House.” It was only in 1960 that the property was eventually sold and in 1969, The Sea View Hotel was built on it.

Another prominent and famous landmark in the area was the Mandalay Villa. Due to its historical importance, the Mandalay Villa was a meeting point for many communities over the years due to the residents. The founding prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, proposed to his wife Kwa Geok Choo at the same villa, after the two attended a party there. The villa was built in 1902 by a prominent businessman who resided in the area, Lee Cheng Yan from the Peranakan Community. The 53,000 sq ft house was then inherited by his son, Lee Choon Guan, another prominent businessman.

After his death in 1924, the sole owner of the property then became his wife, Tan Teck Neo. She was very famous in the region for throwing lavish and huge parties, where many prominent Chinese and British officers and businessmen used to meet, in a time when the interaction between these two communities was at a minimum. In 1970, the Singapore Government acquired about 20,000 sq ft of the property land for the construction of the Amber Road roundabout. It was only in 1978, after Tan’s death, and no more residents residing in the villa, that the property was sold and demolished in 1983.

The Chinese Swimming Club, which still stands today is another prominent landmark on Amber Road. The Club was opened by a group of Straits Chinese men who rivalled this club against the Singapore Swimming Club opened up by the British for European Members. The Chinese men called themselves the Tanjong Katong Swimming Party. The club officially opened in 1910, and became a swimming institution for Chinese Members and a community centre for the Straits community in the Katong area. The Chinese Swimming Club has produced some of Singapore’s best swimming athletes such as Patricia Chan, David Lim, Desmond Koh and Mark Chay.

Nyon in District 15

District 15 in the East Coast is the exact place you want to look for, if you want to buy a property that gives you comfort and relaxation, and Nyon will be the right choice. It is ideally located to a lot of accessible areas that will give you the ease of having all your daily-life needs close by.

First and foremost, the Thomson-East Coast Line lies in the district. It is a 43 kilometre long line, which is due to be completed in five different stages from 2019 to 2024, and Nyon will be only next to it once it is built.

This connects the East Coast to the remaining MRT Network through nine different stations:

  • Tanjong Rhu
  • Katong Park
  • Marine Parade
  • Marine Terrace
  • Siglap
  • Bayshore
  • Bedok South
  • Sungei Bedok
  • Xilin

The residents of this area, and the future residents of Nyon, now have a lot to look forward to, including the easy and direct access to the beach, a number of malls and shopping plazas, Din Tai Fung outlets and a fast access to the North-South Line. The area of Paya Lebar is also being planned to become a business hub with most developments and approvals already cleared.

This means that if you plan on residing in the area, there is a huge chance that you’re living close to your workspace, so you also don’t have to travel too far for your office. Another mall is also being built in the area of Paya Lebar which is expected to host all kinds of international brands from across the globe.

Nyon Location

District 15 also has a lot of other things to offer. These include the Seafront that the area has, also known as the Sea View. Nyon will also have a side that will have a seafront view. A lot of people prefer to live in places where their doors or balconies open up to a beautiful view of the sea, and that’s exactly what this place has to offer. Since the days when Katong Park had a completely pure ocean view, this has been the main attraction of people living in this area.

The Bayshore area will soon have about 12,00 new homes built in the region. However, the condos that already exist in the area, are famous for their dock view, because you can directly see the ships that are about to dock through the condos. The other side of the district, has large parks and recreational lands that provide for great picnics and walks and parties. The only lacking this place has, is the lack of a proper connection with other areas through a proper MRT station, and we’ve already enlightened you about the upcoming development regarding that through 2019 to 2024.

Another advantage that Nyon condo has due to its location, is that the East Coast is also a food heaven, due to the immense number of the Peranakan families living here. The street along the Joo Chiat is very famous for being the centre of all things good in District 15, with a number of food chains, hipster cafes, local food eateries. The area, due to its historical value, and the huge number of communities that have resided here since before the British even could enter the area, gives this area a slight twist in tastebuds and food dishes. The food available here ranges from all local foods, to steaks and burgers.

District 15 is one of the most sought after places in Singapore, and Nyon condominium will soon become a sought after residential system, even though just about 10 or 15 years ago, nobody paid much heed to the area. Now, the seafront and the centralization of the area has given it the huge advantage of being in high demand. If you really want to look for a condo that suits your lifestyle of comfort and relaxation, then District 15 is the place you should buy that apartment, or take a rental. It is an ideal and central location for all kinds of people.

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